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For a list of upcoming clinics for recertifications and for those interested in becoming a referee, please go to


Have you ever considered upgrading to a Grade 7 or 6?  The following link provides information regarding requirements and procedures, and CASRA is here to help if you need.




Minutes of the 6/2/2019 CASRA General Membership meeting can be found on our "Meeting Minutes" page.



New changes to the Laws of the Game go into effect on June 1st.  We will have a review of these changes at our next CASRA meeting on Sunday, June 2nd.  All are encouraged to attend.  Links to the changes as follows:


Summary of Main Changes (PDF)

Changes and Clarifications (PDF)



Minutes of the 5/21/2019 CASRA Executive Board meeting can be found on our "Meeting Minutes" page.



Our next CASRA meeting will be held on Sunday, June 2nd starting at 6:30PM at the Three Lions Pub on Daniel Island.  All referees, especially new referees, are encouraged to attend.  Parents and other family members are welcome.



Minutes of the 3/24/2019 CASRA General Membership Meeting have been published on our "Meeting Minutes" page.  The rules for a new league, the Charleston Battery Adult Soccer League, have been published on our "Leagues & Rules" page.  Bucky Jones will be assigning for this league.  One referee, $30/match, 30' halves.  An update to the "Quick Reference Guide" has been made and can be found on our "Leagues & Rules" page.



Joe Machnik has agreed to speak with our CASRA membership, so we will be holding a special CASRA General Membership Meeting on Sunday, March 24th at the Three Lions Pub from 6-8pm.  For those of you not familiar with Dr. Joe Machnik, he was the rules analyst during the last World Cup and would provide explanations on referee decisions or questions regarding special circumstances during the games.  We anticipate him speaking about his role at FOX, the recent WC and upcoming WWC and Gold Cups, the use of VAR at the highest levels of the game and the recent controversies at the UEFA Champions League.  He will also have plenty of insight about the upcoming changes to the LOTG 6/1/19 and hold a Q&A session.  If there are any topics you would like to see specifically addressed, please let us know and we'll forward them to him for consideration during his presentation.



A quick reference guide to the rules for the various leagues served by CASRA has been published to our "Leagues & Rules" page.



The CSL Men's 7v7 League will now be playing 8v8.  New rules have been published.



Per SCYSA for all youth matches, including Coastal, PMSL and SCSCL:  The Diagonal System of Control is the only approved method using an appropriate mix of assistant referee and club linesman.  The Dual Method (two whistles by two referees) is forbidden.


In the event that fewer than three (3) officials show up to the match:

• If only two (2) referees show up to the match:  One referee will run the center, the other will be a linesman, and a volunteer club linesman will be used.  The two (2) officials get their NORMAL RATE OF PAY (the center referee gets only the fee for the center referee, the linesman assistant referee (AR) gets only the fee for a single linesman assistant referee (AR). The two-man whistle system is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstances (where both referees are on the field calling the game).  There can be only one (1) center referee on the field.

• If only one (1) referee shows up to the match:  The referee will be the center and two (2) volunteer club linesmen will be used.  That official gets the center fee PLUS ONE LINESMAN’S FEE.

• If no referees show up to the match: The match is not to be played at all.



Updated rules for Women's 8v8 CSL have been published.  Minutes of the 2/10 CASRA general meeting have been published.



Our next CASRA meeting will be held on Sunday, February 10th at 6:00PM at the Three Lions Pub (Daniel Island).  All referees are encouraged to attend.  This will be immediately followed by a meeting for those officiating high school matches.



The Executive Board of CASRA will meet on Wednesday, February 6th at 6:30PM at the Carolina Ice Palace.  All CASRA members are welcome to attend.



The minutes of the 1/14/2019 Executive Board Meeting have been published.



The minutes of the 12/15/2018 Annual General Meeting have been published.



New rules for the Charleston Indoor Soccer League (CISL) have been published.



Our annual General Membership Meeting will be held at Blackbaud (Daniel Island) on Saturday, December 15th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.  All referees are encouraged to attend.



Updated information for the Carolina's Premiere League (CPL), as follows:

U8-10 Game Pay - $30 Ball Size - 4 Game Length - 2x30 minute halves Halftime - 5 minutes

U11/12 Game Pay - $32/18/18 Ball Size - 4 Game Length - 2x30 minute halves Halftime - 10 minutes



Rules for the new Charleston Masters League have been published to the "Leagues & Rules" page.



Updated rules for CSL Men's 11v11, CSL Men's 7v7 and CSL Women's 8v8 have been published.  Also a link to the rules for the new Carolina's Premier League has been published.



CASRA will be hosting a special Q&A meeting with Kris and John Kenney to review the upcoming Fall season.  There will be a number of changes this Fall, including the introduction of a new youth soccer league.  All referees are strongly encouraged to attend.  The meeting will start at 6PM on Sunday, August 26th and be held at Trident Technical College on Rivers Avenue (Building 100, Room 169).



New rules/guidelines for the CSL 6v6 Summer League and the CSL Coed 11v11 League have been published to our "Leagues & Rules" page.



A Microsoft Word (DOC) version of the USSF Referee & Supplemental Report form has been added to the "Referee Forms" page.



This Saturday (February 24), CASRA will be hosting an event for all CASRA members.  Every member who confirms attendance via ArbiterSports will receive a free ticket to the matches at MUSC Health Stadium.  We will meet at the WEST gate next to the cannon.  The first match (Minnesota v Columbus) begins at 5PM, and the second match (Charleston v Atlanta) starts at 730PM.  We will sit together as a team.  Please wear your yellow jersey.



New instructional videos have been published on the "Referee Resources" page.  (Thanks, Bob Correia!)



Updated rules for the MUSC Indoor Soccer League have been published on the "Leagues & Rules" page.



Rules for the new CSL Co-Ed 6v6 league have been published on the "Leagues & Rules" page.  Also, please note that Kris Kenney will now be assigning for the CSL Leagues.



Our next CASRA meeting will be held on Sunday, February 11 from 6:30-8:30PM in Room 169 (Building 100) of Trident Technical College on Rivers Avenue.  All referees (and parents, if applicable) are encouraged to attend.



CASRA dues are required to be paid by January 31st for the 2018 season. These are $25 for non-students and $10 for students. You may pay by cash, check (made payable to "CASRA") and now by PayPal (send dues to ""). The CASRA membership form may be found on our website at which lists the mailing address if paying by cash or check. Failure to pay dues by January 31st will prompt the removal of your information from Arbiter Sports.



New CISL rules have been published.  Please see "Leagues & Rules" page.



CASRA will be hosting its Annual General Meeting and Holiday Party on Sunday, December 10th from 6PM-8PM at Trident Technical College, Building 920.  Following this will be a meeting for those interested in officiating the upcoming High School season.



Our next CASRA meeting will be held on Sunday, October 22nd from 6:30pm-8:30pm at Trident Tech (7000 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, Building 100, Room 169). We have had a very large number of new CASRA members and will have a lot of information to cover, so it will be imperative that you attend especially if you are new referee.  Parents of new referees are also encouraged to attend and participate.



Welcome new referees

Proper match arrival attire

Updating Arbiter blocks

Accepting or declining assignments in a timely manner and CASRA Facebook page

Writing match reports

Silent September feedback

Penalty kicks

Open forum



Our next CASRA meeting will be held on Sunday, October 15th from 6:30pm-8:30pm at Trident Tech (7000 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, Building 100, Room 169). We have had a very large number of new CASRA members and will have a lot of information to cover, so it will be imperative that you attend especially if you are new referee.



Updated rules for the Coastal League have been published on our "Leagues & Rules" page.



Rules have been published for the Summerville YMCA league.  This is a non-sanctioned league.  Please see our "Leagues & Rules" page.



As of 2:45PM, SCYSA has announced that all games in the Charleston area for Coastal, U12 League, Open, PMSL and SCSCL have been cancelled.



SC Youth Soccer Clubs, Teams and Players,

At this time (September 7 at 1:30pm), the following SC Youth Soccer League matches have been cancelled for the weekend of 9/8-9/10:
•All SCYS Coastal League Matches
•All SCSCL, PMSL, Open League and 12U League Matches scheduled in the Coastal District at the following fields are cancelled:

Advanced Studies Magnet
Bishop England High School
Carolina Park Complex
Foster Creek Park
Market Commons
McAlister Smith
Patriots Point- Mount Pleasant
Summerville Soccer Complex

•All SCSCL, PMSL, Open League and 12U League Matches scheduled in the entire state that involve 1 team from the Coastal District including:

Beach United
Cainhoy Athletic
Carolina Renegades
Coast FA
GPS Coastal Academy
James Island YSC
Lower Coastal SA (aka Strikers SA)
Summerville Soccer Club
Tormenta FC

SC Youth Soccer League Matches (SCSCL, PMSL, Open League, 12U League and Sandlapper) that are taking place in the Midstate or Piedmont Districts and do not involve a team from a Coastal District club are still set to play this weekend.

If you are unsure if your match is still scheduled please contact Brandon and Dennis.

NOTE: SC Youth Soccer is prepared to cancel additional matches if the State of South Carolina announces mandatory evacuations and redirects the normal flow of traffic on major interstates. If these announcements are made by the State of South Carolina then SCYS will send out a revised plan for this weekend. Additional announcements will be made via email, website AND Links:

SCSCL, PMSL, Open League and 12U League: https://www.rainedout. net/team_page.php?a= c1aca34a55b6aca6b9b4

Sandlapper: https://www. 42cd328b4c7d339afa5b

Coastal League: https://www.rainedout. net/team_page.php?a= a0fa56dc1f2d5125f41f

We recommend selecting all fields to ensure you never miss an alert during the season.


Please note! Coastal League matches begins this Saturday (Sept. 9). U8-U10 will now play 7v7 and U11-U12 will now play 9v9. Match fees are consistent with last year (U8-U10 = $24, U11-U12 = $26 Ref + $18 each AR, U13-U14 = $28 Ref + $20 each AR). Please update your availability in the Arbiter system. If you have any questions, please contact Dennis Cook (, 803-446-4504).



We hope that you have had a good summer and are ready to begin the fall leagues.  As you are probably aware SCYSA has implemented "Silent September" for all LEAGUE games.  This initiative will require some action by the referee but largely will be policed by SCYSA members (i.e. clubs & coaches).  You may view a video ( or at the bottom of the home page) produced by the SRC along with the Rock Hill Referee Association that will answer some of your questions.  Some important information for you to consider: 

1. Silent September only applies to league matches.  Tournaments will not be following the Silent September policy, unless the hosting club initiates. 

2. Silent doesn’t mean completely silent!  The objective is to improve the match atmosphere for the players and the referee, therefore positive nonspecific cheering (clapping, general noise) is allowed.  What should not be allowed would be comments directed at players or officials. 

3. Referees are NOT to interact with spectators.  It is up to the clubs and coaches to remove spectators as needed. 

4. Referees should discuss how to handle situations in the pregame and remind (ASK) coaches of the Silent September policy. 

5. If you feel that a situation needs to be addressed with spectators tell (TELL) the coach that you need help or have the coach remove (REMOVE) spectators as needed. 

6. If the problem persist as a last result the match may be abandoned. 

7. Any issues pertaining to Silent September should be reported to your assignor and ARA. 

8. Above all else use COMMON SENSE and remember the objective to have an enjoyable environment for all involved! 


Please reach out to your assignor, ARA or SRC member with any questions.



As the youth season begins, please make sure that each team has a registered coach and/or asst coach to begin the match.  Team managers may complete a match in an emergency- ejection or coach had to leave but the manager may not start the match or coach in place of the rostered coaches.  The team roster will have the name of the coaches and the team manager.  Please make an effort to check the roster for the junior academy and select level matches you are assigned.



New updates to the rules for the CSL Men's 11v11 and the CSL Women's 8v8 have been published.  Please check the "Leagues & Rules" page.



Referee Pocket Guides are now available on our Referee Resources page.



New CSL rules have been posted for Co-Ed 11 v 11 and Summer 6 v 6.  See the "Leagues & Rules" page.



Our next CASRA meeting will be on Sunday, May 7 starting at 6:30PM in the 100 Building of Trident Tech (Rivers Ave.)



A guideline for the pre-match conference has been posted to the "Referee Resources" page.  Please take some time to review.  A good pre-match conference helps in many ways.



Our next CASRA meeting will be held on Sunday, February 26th at 6:30PM in Trident Technical College, Room 169 (Building 100).



If you were not available to attend a USSF clinic for 2017 registration, contact Bucky Jones at The final opportunity will be held from 1-6pm on Sunday, Feb 12. There are 8 seats open. The clinic will not be posted on The recert test will be administered in the clinic. The location will be announced in the email accepting you into the clinic. Recert fees for grade 8 and 9, $70. Fee for grade 7 and 7C, $80. This opportunity has been approved by screferees and you will receive a 2017 badge once successfully completing the clinic. If you elect not to attend this clinic, you will be unable to referee USSF-sanctioned matches until January 1, 2018.



We will conduct the final PFT for this registration year at Danny Jones Track, N Charleston on Feb 11, Saturday, at 7:30AM. The format will be 6 40m sprints followed by a 30 minute run in segments of 150m run; 50m walk 10 times around a 400m track. High School PFTs may attend.



Dennis Cook is our new referee assignor for the Coastal League.  He may be contacted at or 803-446-4504.



If you haven't paid your CASRA dues by now, your Arbiter account will soon be deactivated and you will not be able to receive assignments through that system.  Dues are $25 ($10 for full-time students).  Please complete the Membership Form.  Payment can be made in cash or with a check made out to "CASRA".



New Coastal League fees for U11/U12 effective immediately:  Referee - $26, Assistant Referee - $18.  Total due per team - $31.  Please note at this point there is no referee assignor for the Coastal League.  More information will be forthcoming.



January 19 at 6:00pm, 2017 SCHSL/SCISA meeting with Skip Lax at RB Stall HS on Ashley Phosphate Rd.  Mandatory for those working high school soccer in Spring 2017.

January 21 at 8:30am, Grade 7C, 6 PFT at Danny Jones Track in N. Charleston.  This PFT will count for high school as well.  There is a chance of rain, so let Bucky Jones know if you are planning to attend.  Avoid disappointment.  Check your email before you go.

January 21 at 9:00am, Grade 7, 8, 9 recert at Trident Tech, 7000 Rivers Ave., N. Charleston.  Bldg 100, Room 169.  Take the online test before attending.

January 21 at 10:30am, CASRA mentoring at James Island Youth Soccer Club fields D and E main complex.  Training will end at 2:30pm.  Email Bucky Jones,, or Same Hosig,  Uniforms are not required.  Bring shoes for grass and get a whistle, Fox 40 type (no pea).

January 21 at 3:00pm, SCHSL/SCISA meeting at Trident Tech, Room 169, Bldg 100.  Review differences between HS and FIFA and the HS 2 whistle system.

OPEN/PMSL/SCSCL spring season begins:  U13-U15.  We will only have a couple of games max.



Upcoming events this month:

January 19, SCHSL/SCISA meeting RB Stall HS, 3625 Ashley Phosphate Rd, N Charleston, SC at 6pm. MANDATORY.

January 21 grade 7C PFT Danny Jones Track, N Charleston at 8:30am.

January 21 grade 7, 8, 9 Recert at Trident Tech, N Charleston, 9-2. Course 18296 in

January 21 CASRA mentoring/training session at James Island Youth Soccer Club, 10:30-2:30pm. Notify Sam Hosig, or Bucky Jones,, if you plan to attend. New referees, referees desiring to get R slots or more competitive games will be well served to attend. YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING. Senior referees will be there to mentor. Scrimmage games, exercises, and training will be conducted. Set aside two hours for this session.

January 21 OPEN/PMSL/SCSCL season begins.

Grade 8 Clinic in Hampton, SC Course # 19383 grade 8 and 9 initial and grade 8 and 9 recert Course # 19384, Feb 4th. See



Please note that CASRA dues for 2017 need to be received by 2/1/2017 or your Arbiter account will be deactivated and you will not be able to receive assignments through that system.  Dues are $25 ($10 for full-time students).  Please complete the Membership Form.  Payment can be made in cash or with a check made out to "CASRA".



Please note that the General Membership Meeting and End-of-Year Party will be in Building 920, Room #771 of TTC. If you turn off Rivers Ave at the light on Mabeline Rd and drive straight, building 920 will be the large building on your right. You want to drive all the way past it and turn right before you pass building 970. Park in the parking lot behind buidling 920 and enter the back doors. They'll have the food tables setup in the lobby and the room they're letting us use is just down the hall from there.  2017 CASRA dues are also coming due soon. So if you'd like to pay your dues at the meeting, please bring a check (made out to CASRA) or cash. Dues are $25 or $10 for fulltime students.



The CASRA General Membership Meeting and End-of-Year party will be held on Sunday, December 11, 2016 at Trident Technical College in the 920 building. The meeting will begin at 6pm since we'll be serving food and it will take a little more time for everyone to eat and get settled so we don't run too late in the evening. Please go into Arbiter and accept or decline the event in your schedule so we can get an accurate head count of the number of people planning on attending.  We will be holding elections for the following CASRA positions at this meeting: President, Secretary and Member-at-Large. Please submit any nominations for these positions to



Upcoming tournaments in the Charleston area:

James Island Cup (11/18-11/20/2016) Charleston Select Shootout (12/2-12/4/2016) Charleston Battery Challenge Cup (2/18-2/19/2017) USA/MP Spring Shootout (3/17-3/19/2017)