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Leagues & Rules



Offside - Law 11  <--  New 2/1/2015



Coastal League   <--  Updated 10/4/2017


Carolina's Premier League  <--  New 8//27/2018 (Link to Rules at Top of Page)


SSC Developmental League (U4-U8)   <-- New 9/28/2015


South Carolina State Challenge League (SCSCL)   <-- Updated 9/13/2014 (Still valid as of 8/24/2015)

* Per Bucky Jones - The length of halftime for SCSCL is 10 minutes, not 5 minutes as published.


President's Medal Soccer League (PMSL)    <-- Updated 9/3/2014 (Still Valid as of 8/24/2015)


Charleston Soccer League (CSL) - Men's 11 v 11   <-- Updated 8/27/2018


Charleston Soccer League (CSL) - Co-Ed 11 v 11   <-- Updated 5/17/2018


Charleston Soccer League (CSL) - Co-Ed 6 v 6   <-- New 2/7/2018


Charleston Soccer League (CSL) - Men's 6 v 6   <-- Updated 5/17/2018


Charleston Soccer League (CSL) - Women's 6 v 6   <-- Updated 5/17/2018


Charleston Soccer League (CSL) - Women's 8 v 8   <--  Updated 2/12/2019


Charleston Soccer League (CSL) - Men's 7 v 7   <--  Updated 8/27/2018


Charleston Masters League - 9 v 9  <--  Added 8/29/2018


Mt. Pleasant Adult Recreational


North Charleston Middle School Soccer League


Charleston Indoor Soccer League (CISL)   <-- Updated 12/19/2018


Summerville YMCA League (Non-Sanctioned)   <-- New 9/29/2017


MUSC Indoor Soccer League   <-- New 2/13/2018



We need to get the process of checking in players during Adult matches standardized for all games: 6v6, 8v8, 11v11. Some referees are following the correct procedures while others are not. If you are not checking players in according the requirements below, please start now.

1. Each team should provide an updated copy of their roster for the center referee to keep after the game – team managers should expect to only receive the cards back, not the roster. This way, the referee has all the player information in the event something occurs and paperwork needs to be produced.

2. Team captains should pass out all player cards to their team personnel who should then check in with the referee (fully dressed out and ready to play), number verified and marked on the roster. Referees cannot checkin players from the sidelines with the captain pointing at them. It is impossible to tell if the picture matches someone if they’re on the other side of the field dribbling the ball around or if they’re wearing jewelry, shinguards, etc. The referee will only hold the cards of the players playing not all of the cards for the team.
3. Since both teams should be on the same side of the pitch - AR1 will keep the rosters on him/her after the beginning of the match and check in any player arriving late prior to them stepping on the pitch to ensure we have them listed and number verified with proper ID.

This is the way the league wants this done so please respect these procedures and follow them. If the teams are not showing up in time to get all this done, remember there are point deductions for teams that are late so start using those. However, the referee crew needs to be on time as well to make sure all this takes place prior to game time. Arriving 5-10 minutes before kickoff is not enough time to check the fields, teams and conduct a pregame.