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Note:  If you want to edit and save the PDF version of the USSF Referee Report or USSF Referee Supplemental Report with typed data so you can email the report to others, you should have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed.  This is a free program which can be obtained at  Make sure you install the version appropriate to your operating system (and be sure to uncheck any "optional offers" if you don't want them).


CASRA Membership Form (PDF)

This is a "fillable" form.  You can type in your information, print the form and mail it in, or you can save the completed form as a PDF file and email it to John Kenney (  Payment can be made by cash or by check made out to "CASRA".  You may also pay your dues through PayPal by sending fees to "".


Match Report Form (PDF)

USSF Referee Report (PDF)

USSF Referee Supplemental Report (PDF)

Combination Referee Report and Referee Supplemental Report (PDF)

This is a "fillable" form which is a combination of the two above and you are welcome to use this if you prefer.


For those who would prefer, the following is a Microsoft Word (DOC) version of the USSF Referee & Supplemental Report form.  When completing this form, use the tab key to move to the next field or merely place your cursor in that field.  If you desire to draw on the form, you will need to turn on the Developer Tab option in the Word program (instructions on how to do this can be found with an online search).  Please don't forget to save the completed form to your computer before distributing.

Referee Report and Referee Supplemental Report (DOC)


Guidelines for Writing and Distributing USSF Referee Reports   <--- Added 4/8/2014

Update to above document.  Our State Referee Administrator (SRA) has changed.  That position is now held by Kenneth Ayers (


Report Distribution  <--- Added 4/20/2016


For youth matches, you have 24 hours from the conclusion of the match to submit the reports.  They must be sent to the following individuals for that particular league.  It is your responsibility to ensure the appropriate people are receiving your reports.


For adult amateur matches, you have 48 hours from the conclusion of the match to submit the reports

Coastal League/Carolina's Premiere League:  Bucky Jones, SCYSA, Kenneth Ayers, John Kenney, Kris Kenney

PMSL/SCSCL:  Bucky Jones, SCYSA, Kenneth Ayers

CSL:  John Kenney, Andrew Russell, Bucky Jones, Kenneth Ayers, Kris Kenney

Mount Pleasant Coed:  Mike Flato, Ian Evans, Bucky Jones, Kenneth Ayers


Tournaments:  Bucky Jones, Kenneth Ayers, SCYSA, Tournament Assignor(s) (if youth tournament)

Tournament Assignor(s) - Provided in tournament documentation