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If you experience any inclement weather that could put the safety of the players, coaches or yourself into question, you're expected to take action as a referee.

Concerning lightning, if lightning is seen, then you as a referee shall do the following:

1)  Stop the match.
2)  Instruct the coaches to have his team/parents/fans exit the field and get in their automobiles.
3)  Instruct the coach that the match will be delayed for 30 minutes.  However; if lightning is seen again, this resets the clock for 30 minutes from that seen lightning.
4)  Instruct the coach that no one is allowed back out on the fields until you give the clearance.
5)  You must also get in your automobile.
6)  After the 30 minutes has passed since the last seen lightning, the referee will return to the field, if safe to do so, and make an assessment of the field and the weather.  If, in the judgment of the referee, it is safe to resume play, then make coaches aware of this by any means.
7)  Note some complexes have lightning warning systems which are tools to help you as a referee make a good decision.


If you have any issues, problems or questions let you local ARA know.



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CSL Weather Hotline    843-769-8288



Note that some clubs have links on their websites to a free service (RainedOut) where you can sign up to receive text messages or email alerts when weather-related events force the closure of the club's fields.  If you don't see a link below, try viewing the club's website.