SCASA Player Pass Checking Procedure for Lowcountry Adult Soccer Leagues


Prior to match start a referee or AR will check each playerís pass.


Each player individually presents his/her player pass to a referee/AR.

--Check front of each card for face recognition.

--Check back of each card for team and season verification.

--Assure the player pass for each player is laminated


After verifying each playerís pass the referee retains the player cards.


Collect a match roster with shirt numbers for each player.


Referees follow the same procedure for late arriving players before allowing them to enter the match.


If player cards are not available, an alternate check-in procedure using an official ID with photo (driverís license), presentedto a member of the referee team who verifies the playerís name on a SCASA-certified team roster for that season is allowed.


If neither option is presented the player must NOT play.


After the match

--Obtain the info required for the match report.

--Retain cards for sent off players and return them to the league administrator ASAP.

--Submit a match report within 48-hours with the first and last names and DOB of all players that

††† play under the alternate check in procedure using the web-based Match Reporting System.

--Report the same information to the league administrator.


Return the passes to the team captains/coaches.